VIOLET Flower Children Phone Strap
VIOLET Flower Children Phone Strap
VIOLET Flower Children Phone Strap
VIOLET Flower Children Phone Strap

VIOLET Flower Children Phone Strap

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    • Handcrafted: Crafted with precision for quality and uniqueness.
    • Stable Grip: Designed for secure hold and comfort.
    • Miyuki Beads: High-quality Japanese glass beads for elegance and durability.






    • 日本:5-7日
    • アメリカ:5-7日
    • での配達を予定 カナダ:7-10日
    • 中国:7-10日
    • ヨーロッパ:7-10日
    • その他の国:7-14日




    Phone Straps

    A perfect blend of style and convenience. Each strap is handcrafted, featuring high-quality Miyuki beads, Swarovski crystals, and various handpicked beads promising both elegance and a secure grip.

    Quality Beads, Exceptional Styles


    Explore the exquisite selection of beads incorporated in our phone straps. From vibrant acrylics and Miyuki glass to sparkling Swarovski crystals and precious gemstones - each bead is handpicked for its unique charm. Unlike other brands, we ensure each bead meets our high-quality standards, delivering a product that not only looks fantastic, but also stands the test of time.

    One Bead at a Time


    Our process is where traditional artistry meets modern style. Every Breezfy phone strap is carefully handcrafted, combining our selected beads into unique designs that reflect your individuality. Our dedicated artisans pour their passion and precision into each creation, providing you with a product that's not just an accessory, but a reflection of your personal style.